Feedly plans to launch Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 apps

In the past couple of weeks, we have reported on Google’s plans to shut down its Google Reader RSS service on July 1. In light of the news, other RSS reader services have experienced a huge spike of new users. That includes Feedly, which claimed it added a whopping 500,000 new users in the first 48 hours after Google revealed it would be closing Google Reader.

At the moment, Feedly has RSS plug ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers, along with free iOS and Android apps. But what about Microsoft platforms? In an interview to be published later today, Neowin asked Feedly’s Cyril Moutran, the head of its product and strategy, if the company is going to release any apps for Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8, along with BlackBerry 10. Moutran confirmed to us, “All three have been requested by users, and are in our plans.”

While he didn’t offer a specific release date for those new apps, it’s clear that Feedly knows there will be an audience for their RSS feed service for Microsoft-based platforms, even as Google is shutting down its own service. We will post the full interview with Moutran, where he gives us more information about Feedly’s overall plans, later today.

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